Criminal Justice Agency Profile Report

The Criminal Justice Agency Profile Report (CJAP) is created annually to obtain compensation and benefit information of criminal justice agencies in the state of Florida.

Section 943.18, F. S., requires that the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission (CJSTC), "...make a comprehensive study of the compensation and benefits paid to law enforcement and correctional officers throughout the state...," which should include the factors upon which compensation is based.
This report is a tool for evaluating compensation paid to criminal justice personnel and assists criminal justice agencies in determining the level of compensation required to attract and retain qualified law enforcement and correctional personnel.
The report's questions are limited to entry-level sworn officers (in law enforcement and correctional) and the minimum compensation provided.
The report also provides comparative data on topics such as pre-employment requirements; available insurance programs; annual leave; retirement options; special units; training programs; educational requirements; and full-time officer demographics. Results from the 2011 to 2020 annual CJAP surveys are linked in the table below.

If you have questions on the information provided by a specific agency, please contact that agency directly. Contact info for each agency can be found on our Criminal Justice Agency Contacts page.

For general questions relating to the CJAP Report, contact the Criminal Justice Professionalism Division at (850) 410-8600, or send an email to
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