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FDLE Press Office

Communications Director
Gretl Plessinger

Public Information Officer
Dana Kelly

Public Information Officer
Evyr Manley

Public Information Officer
Jensen Rayburn


Contact Information:

(850) 410-7001 (Main Office)
(850) 410-7265 (Gretl Plessinger)
(850) 410-7021 (Dana Kelly)
(813) 205-9662 (Evyr Manley)
(786) 336-1092 (Jensen Rayburn)

Media - Afterhours email FDLEMedia@fdle.state.fl.us or call 800-342-0820 and an analyst will contact the on-call PIO

FDLE’s Public Information Office strives to keep Florida’s citizens aware of public safety issues and events occurring around the state including FDLE investigations, department initiatives, education and awareness programs. FDLE has the following communication goals:
  1. Promote public safety by highlighting unsolved cases and crime prevention initiatives;
  2. Educate Florida citizens and visitors on FDLE’s services and how to access those services;
  3. Provide information on crime trends and FDLE criminal justice publications;
  4. Educate FDLE members about department initiatives and current events;
  5. Promote transparency by responding to media inquiries;
  6. Highlight FDLE's accomplishments; and
  7. Ensure consistency and coordination in delivery of communications both internally and externally. 
The Office of Public Information consists of four PIOs providing 24/7 staffing coverage for FDLE throughout Florida.   
Contact Information:
(850) 410-7001

Media – Afterhours email FDLEMedia@fdle.state.fl.us or call 800-342-0820 and an analyst will contact the on-call PIO


Florida Department of Law Enforcement Priorities

FDLE is composed of five areas: Executive Direction and Business Support, Criminal Investigations and Forensic Science, Criminal Justice Information, Criminal Justice Professionalism and Florida Capitol Police. FDLE’s duties, responsibilities and procedures are mandated through Chapter 943, FS, and Chapter 11, FAC. To learn more about these areas, read our Statement of Agency Organization and Operation or visit our Open Government page.