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Tallahassee Regional Operations Center

Special Agent in Charge
Mark Perez

Assistant Special Agent in Charge
Keith Wilmer

Chief of Forensic Services
Karen Martin


2331 Phillips Road
Tallahassee, FL 32308
(800) 342-0820 | (850) 410-7640 | Fax (850) 410-7440


FDLE’s Tallahassee region encompasses 13 largely rural counties, with its greatest concentrations of population in Tallahassee to the west and Lake City to the east. It is bordered by Georgia to the north and the Gulf of Mexico to the south.  

TROC agents and analysts work a variety of criminal investigations focusing on violent crime, financial crime, drug crime, cybercrime, public integrity and counterterrorism. The Tallahassee Crime Lab processes evidence for local law enforcement agencies throughout the state, and Florida’s DNA database is maintained in the TROC Crime Lab.
During its history, TROC has played an important role in solving many significant crimes through its investigative and forensic services.  Some of TROC’s more high-profile cases include serial killers Ted Bundy, Aileen Wournos, Otis Toole and Gary Michael Hilton; investigating the 1999 FAMU bombings; the Alligator Point Murders; and the murder of Mike Williams. TROC also manages security for all Florida Gubernatorial Inaugurations.

In 1980, the region conducted what was, at the time, one of the largest drug cases ever prosecuted.  Operation Sunburn revolved around a Jefferson County fish camp that served as a distribution center for an estimated 1.2 million pounds of marijuana, then valued at $31 million, from a warehouse in Tallahassee.  Eight suspects were arrested.

In 2021, TROC agents and analysts led an investigation – Operation No Warning – into a drug-trafficking organization responsible for spreading large amounts of illegal drugs throughout Florida, predominantly in Leon and Gadsden counties.  Agents seized nearly 30 pounds of cocaine, black tar and brown heroin, a half-pound of methamphetamine, over two ounces of fentanyl and more than $300,000 in cash.  Working with our local law enforcement partners, 27 suspects were arrested.  


Florida Department of Law Enforcement Priorities

FDLE is composed of five areas: Executive Direction and Business Support, Criminal Investigations and Forensic Science, Criminal Justice Information, Criminal Justice Professionalism and Florida Capitol Police. FDLE’s duties, responsibilities and procedures are mandated through Chapter 943, FS, and Chapter 11, FAC. To learn more about these areas, read our Statement of Agency Organization and Operation or visit our Open Government page.