Florida Administrative Code Rules


Florida Administrative Code - This link will take you to the Florida Administrative Code in its entirety at the Department of State web site.
The following Florida Administrative Code (FAC) rules pertain specifically to the Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission (CJSTC). A link to the full text has been included below for quick reference.

Chapter 11B-14 Salary Incentive Program
Chapter 11B-18 Criminal Justice Standards and Training Trust Fund
  • 11B-18.003 Operational Definitions
  • 11B-18.004 Regional Training Areas
  • 11B-18.005 Establishment of Regional Training Councils
  • 11B-18.0051 Regional Training Council Meetings
  • 11B-18.0052 Development of Budgets
  • 11B-18.0053 Officer Training Monies Budget and Expenditure Categories
  • 11B-18.0071 Development of Officer Training Monies Budgets and Required Reports
  • 11B-18.008 Areas of Responsibility
  • 11B-18.009 Applicability, Contractual Obligations
  • 11B-18.010 Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission Fiscal Program Audits & Instruction & Facility Evaluations

Chapter 11B-20 Certification of Criminal Justice Training Instructors
  • 11B-20.001 Definitions and Minimum Requirements for General Certification of Instructors
  • 11B-20.0012 Denial and Discipline of Instructor Certification
  • 11B-20.0013 Commission Instructor Certification Categories
  • 11B-20.0014 Minimum Requirements for High-Liability and Specialized Topics Instructor Certification
  • 11B-20.0016 Inspection of Instructor Certification Applications
  • 11B-20.0017 Maintenance and Duration of Instructor Certifications

Chapter 11B-21 Certification of Criminal Justice Training Schools
  • 11B-21.001 Local Advisement and Definitions
  • 11B-21.002 Criminal Justice Training Schools' Request for Certification, Expansion of Certification, and Re-Certification
  • 11B-21.005 Criminal Justice Training School Requirements for Certification and Re-certification
  • 11B-21.0051 Criminal Justice Training School Satellite Facilities and Equipment Requirements
  • 11B-21.018 Criminal Justice Training School Disciplinary Guidelines and Revocation of Certification
  • 11B-21.019 Criminal Justice Training School Inspections

Chapter 11B-27 Certification and Employment or Appointment
  • 11B-27.0011 Moral Character
  • 11B-27.002 Certification, Employment or Appointment, Reactivation, and Terminating Employment or Appointment of Officers
  • 11B-27.0021 High School Graduation or Equivalent
  • 11B-27.00211 Fingerprint Processing and Criminal Record Results
  • 11B-27.00212 Maintenance of Officer Certification
  • 11B-27.00213 Temporary Employment Authorization
  • 11B-27.0022 Background Investigations
  • 11B-27.00225 Controlled Substance Testing Procedures
  • 11B-27.003 Duty to Report, Investigations, Procedures
  • 11B-27.004 Probable Cause Determination
  • 11B-27.005 Revocation or Disciplinary Actions; Disciplinary Guidelines; Range of Penalties; Aggravating & Mitigating Circumstances
  • 11B-27.007 Denial of Certification
  • 11B-27.013 Canine Team Certification
  • 11B-27.014 Implementation of the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004

Chapter 11B-30 State Officer Certification Examination
  • 11B-30.006 State Officer Certification Examination General Eligibility Requirements
  • 11B-30.0062 State Officer Certification Examination Assignment and Retake Eligibility Requirements
  • 11B-30.007 Application for the State Officer Certification Examination and Notification Process
  • 11B-30.0071 Examination Accommodations for Applicants with Disabilities
  • 11B-30.008 State Officer Certification Examination Site Administration
  • 11B-30.009 Applicant Conduct at Test Site and Notice of Protection of Program Privileges
  • 11B-30.010 Applicant Charged with Violations; Right of Hearing
  • 11B-30.011 Examination Scoring and Grade Notification
  • 11B-30.012 Post Review of Examination Questions, Answers, Papers, Grades, and Grading Key
  • 11B-30.013 Challenges to Examination Results; Right of Hearing

Chapter 11B-35 Training Programs
  • 11B-35.001 General Training Programs; Requirements and Specifications
  • 11B-35.0010 eLearning Instruction
  • 11B-35.0011 Requirements for Applicant Admission into a Law Enforcement, Correctional, and Correctional Probation Basic Recruit Training Program
  • 11B-35.002 Basic Recruit Training Programs; Law Enforcement, Correctional and Correctional Probation
  • 11B-35.0021 High-Liability Proficiency Training
  • 11B-35.0023 Student Transfers within Basic Recruit Training Programs
  • 11B-35.0024 Student Performance in Commission-approved High-Liability Basic Recruit Training Courses and High-Liability Instructor Training Courses
  • 11B-35.003 Basic Recruit Training Programs for Law Enforcement and Correctional Auxiliary Training
  • 11B-35.005 Career Development Training Program
  • 11B-35.006 Advanced Training Program
  • 11B-35.007 Specialized Training Program
  • 11B-35.0085 Criminal Justice Training School Requirements for Administration and Security of Examinations for Training Courses
  • 11B-35.009 Exemption from Basic Recruit Training

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Priorities

FDLE is composed of five areas: Executive Direction and Business Support, Criminal Investigations and Forensic Science, Criminal Justice Information, Criminal Justice Professionalism and Florida Capitol Police. FDLE’s duties, responsibilities and procedures are mandated through Chapter 943, FS, and Chapter 11, FAC. To learn more about these areas, read our Statement of Agency Organization and Operation or visit our Open Government page.