Limited Access Online Certification

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) has created the online Limited Access Certification training for users whose job function only requires queries into the Florida Crime Information Center (FCIC) and the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). The purpose of Limited Access is to provide users an essential understanding of the information and files contained within FCIC/NCIC, and describe key policies and procedures related to criminal justice systems.


So who is a Limited Access User? A Limited Access user is defined as an operator at any Florida law enforcement/criminal justice agency who only performs queries within the FCIC/NCIC systems. A Limited Access user could be an officer using a mobile data terminal to confirm the identity of a subject during a traffic stop; a correctional or booking officer submitting booking data and fingerprints on a live scan machine; a clerk or judge in the courtroom running a criminal history check on a subject at first appearance; an operator using a Rapid ID device to identify a subject in jail or prison. All of these individuals may perform queries into FCIC/NCIC.

Required Steps for Online Training:

  • Follow the ‘Limited Access Certification Training Link’ provided and log in to nexTEST.
  • A user will authenticate to nexTEST with his/her login credentials. Within nexTEST choose the ‘Training’ Tab and select the ‘Begin Training’ button. Note: Due to local Internet/CJNet connectivity some users may periodically experience slowness in loading the training.
  • Upon completion of the training course the final slide will provide a hyperlink back to nexTEST.  The user must log back into nexTEST to validate completion of the training course. The user will have 14 days once training has been completed in which to take the nexTEST exam.
  • Users must complete testing within the same domain that the initial login to nexTEST and training occurred. (Example: If a user initiates training on CJNet, testing must occur on CJNet.)



For questions or assistance, please contact your regional Information Delivery Team (IDT) representative, or send an email to

You may also contact the FDLE customer support at 1-800-292-3242 or