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Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Forms

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Tiered Subrecipients

The following forms apply to the JAG Countywide (JAGC) and JAG Direct (JAGD) programs.

FY20 JAG Forms
FY20 JAGC Certificate of Participation
FY20 Standard Conditions

FY19 JAG Forms
FY19 JAGC Certificate of Participation
FY19 JAG Standard Conditions 

FY18 JAG Forms
FY18 JAGC Certificate of Participation
FY18 JAG Standard Conditions

FY17 JAG Forms  
FY17 JAGC Certificate of Participation
FY17 JAG Standard Conditions

JAG General Forms
Ballistic Vest (Mandatory Wear) Certification
BJA CATEX Checklist (NEPA) 
Body Worn Camera Certification
Confidential Funds Certification 
Confidential Funds Policy and Procedures - (Available for agencies with no policy in place.)
Death in Custody Questionnaire (DCRA) 
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Online Portal

Third-Party Contract Compliance Checklist
UAS Requirements Checklist

JAG Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) Training Accountability Metrics
All law enforcement agencies receiving funds under the JAG program must report data related to specific training provided to officers within the previous calendar year. The form below must be submitted to the assigned grant manager with the first performance report each year the subaward is open.

JAG LEA Training Accountability Metrics

JAG Supplemental Performance Questionnaire for Awards over $25,000
The following form must be submitted for any JAG subaward of $25,000 or more. The appropriate supplemental performance questionnaire is determined by the prime purpose area indicated in the subaward agreement. The form below must be submitted to the assigned grant manager by January 15, April 15, July 15, and October 15 each year the subaward is open.

01 - Law Enforcement
02 - Crime Lab/Forensics
03 - Crime Prevention Education
04 - Prosecution
05 - Indigent Defense
06 - Courts
07 - Corrections
08 - Community Corrections
09 - Reentry
10 - Behavioral Health
11 - Assessment and Evaluation
12 - Victim/Witness Services

Tiered Subrecipients
The following forms apply to subrecipients who have entered into a pass-through entity/tiered subrecipient relationship with a third-party. Additional forms may be required based on the tiered subaward project. Please contact your OCJG grant manager with any questions regarding what additional forms may be required.

Third-Party Certificate of Subaward
Third-Party Subaward Compliance Checklist
Third-Party Subaward Risk Assessment 
Third-Party Monitoring Questionnaire 
Third-Party Subaward Certification of Audit Exemption