Footwear and Tire (Impression Evidence)

Footwear and Tire (Impression Evidence)Our mission is to analyze items of physical evidence for the detection, preservation and comparison of footwear & tire impressions. This includes the utilization of chemical, physical, and photographic processes. Footwear and tire impressions are one of the most commonly overlooked types of evidence and can be found at most crime scenes. Almost all footwear and tire impressions, including partial impressions, have some value for forensic analysis. Footwear and Tire analysts can compare footwear & tire impressions with known footwear and tires to determine whether or not the impressions are from the same source. Footwear and tire impressions can also be compared against laboratory references to possibly determine a manufacturer or model information. If needed by a court of law, an analyst may present their findings to a jury during a criminal trial.
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