Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly is the Law Enforcement Analyst Training Program?

A: The Program consists of two courses of training: the Florida Law Enforcement Analyst Training, and the Florida Law Enforcement Analyst Academy. They are referred to as FLEAT and the Academy.

For specific information regarding each course and its curriculum click on their respective links.

Q: I want to go to the Academy, how do I sign up?

A: Before you attend the Academy you have to pass a course sponsored by FDLE: the Florida Law Enforcement Analyst Training (FLEAT), and have at least 1 year of analytical experience.  If you have not passed FLEAT, you will need to do so before your enrollment in the Academy will be considered.

The FDLE will accept applications to attend both FLEAT and FLEAA classes beginning May 1st through July 1st of each year. These applications will be considered for the year following the submission. (Ex. application submitted May 2017 is for 2018 classes) Applicants will be notified, if approved to attend, as soon as the selection process is completed. If applicant is not selected they must apply the following year.

At this time we are unable to substitute any other courses in lieu of FLEAT. 

Q: What else is involved in the application process? Do you contact my supervisor?

Each applicant for the academy must have a nomination form completed by the chief executive or designee to be considered for the academy. It is imperative to have command staff support to ensure your success throughout our program. A nomination form is not required to attend the FLEAT class.

Q: How do I know if I qualify to attend the Florida Law Enforcement Analyst Training?

A: You must be currently employed by a law enforcement agency in an analytical position for at least 6 months.

Q: I perform analytical tasks but my title doesn't reflect that. Can I still attend any of the training?

A: Probably. FDLE recognizes that many departments in Florida do not have budgeted law enforcement analysts. The application for all classes requires a current job description in order to determine if the applicant qualifies for attendance.

Q: What is the fee to attend these courses?

A: After losing grant funding from the Department of Homeland Security, the FDLE decided to cover the expense of hosting the trainings and not charging a fee for tuition. However, transportation to, during and from the training, the hotel, and per diem costs are at the expense of your agency. 

Q: Where are the courses held?

A: The courses will be held in Tallahassee and either Orlando or Tampa.

Q: Can I attend training at a specific location?

A: Although we try to meet specific requests, it is not always possible.  A student may have to wait longer to attend if they require a certain training location.

Q: What happens if I am not able to attend if selected for training?

A: You will have to re-apply the following year.

Q: How long are the waiting lists?

A: Due to the administrative review that is required for each training, we will no longer maintain a "waiting list" for each course. We will open registration for the classes each May 1st through July 1st. If selected, we urge you to accept the date and location you were selected to attend.

Q: How often are the courses held?

A: All classes are held twice a year, one in Tallahassee and one in Orlando or Tampa.

Q: What are the specific dates of the courses?

A: The Academy starts each January and July. If you are selected to attend you will be notified as to the specific weeks that training will be held. The FLEAT classes will be held in January and in July.