Submission FAQ
Seized Drugs

Q: Can Seized Drugs test for all controlled substances on an exhibit or do I have to ask for a specific substance to be targeted?
Q: Do I have to ask for a certified weight of the substance when I submit it to FDLE?
Q: Why does FDLE only test one item?
Q: Is it true that there are some cases that need prior approval before I submit them?  How do I know which ones and who do I contact? 
Q: When would it be okay to send multiple items without an exception? 
Q: Is the amount of drug submitted enough to cause impairment?
Q: How much of the submitted quantity was actually the drug?
Q: My report says "No controlled substances" were present in the evidence.  If that’s the case, then what was it?
Q: My field test indicated a positive result for cocaine, so why does the report say ‘No controlled substances…’”?
Q: Is there anything that Seized Drugs does NOT test?