Submission FAQ

Q: What types of cases does the Biology/DNA section work?
Q: Is Biology testing conducted on burglary or non-violent crimes?
Q: Why is an evidence submission policy necessary for Biology?
Q: What are the case acceptance limits for homicides?
Q: Are there certain types of evidence not accepted by FDLE Biology?
Q: For cases or evidence not accepted by FDLE, is there another laboratory that will work it?
Q: What method of forensic DNA testing is conducted by FDLE?
Q: When would Y-STR testing be used?
Q: How long does forensic DNA analysis take?
Q: Can Biology determine when or how a stain or DNA is deposited?
Q: Can you tell any physical characteristics about a person from STR DNA testing?
Q: Is it recommended that items of evidence be sent for Biology analysis before being sent to other sections for processing?
Q: How does evidence flow through the Biology lab?
Q: What is touch DNA, wearer DNA, handler DNA and drinker DNA evidence?
Q: What is CODIS?
Q: Does CODIS have specific requirement for entry of a DNA profile?
Q: Can DNA samples or profiles maintained in CODIS be accessed by anyone?
Q: Can the arrestee or offender sample collected for entry into the DNA Database as a requirement of 943.325 be used by the local FDLE laboratory?
Q: Why does the local laboratory require a buccal swab following a CODIS match to an offender?
Q: Why isn't a Possession of a Firearm (or Ammunition) by a Convicted Felon (PFCF) case eligible for CODIS entry or search?
Q: How is each regional Biology section staffed and what is each member's role?
Q: What is NGS/MPS testing and does FDLE conduct this type of testing?