Submission FAQ
Trace Materials

Q: Do you have a limit on the number of items that can be submitted?
Q: Do you examine or analyze soil, fire residue, Gun Shot Residue (GSR), human hair or airbag residue?
Q: Which laboratories in the state have a Trace Materials section?
Q: What types of case do the Trace Materials section work?
Q: What information can be provided in no suspect hit and run cases?
Q: Does a refinished/repainted vehicle prevent comparison?
Q: Can the make and model of a vehicle be determined by examining suspect vehicle window glass?
Q: Should I still submit evidence even though I looked at it and I don’t see anything?
Q: From the scene of a hit and run, there are vehicle parts left behind. Should the parts be submitted?
Q: How should evidence be packaged for submission into the lab for Trace materials examination?