Submission FAQ
Footwear and Tire (Impression Evidence)

Q: Will you examine Footwear or Tire Impressions without having known shoes or Known tires for comparison?
Q: What evidence should be submitted for footwear comparison case?
Q: What evidence should be submitted for a Tire comparison case?
Q: Should I submit the entire vehicle for a tire impression case?
Q: What are the most commonly seen secondary recovery methods?
Q: Is casting required for all 3d impressions?
Q: What are footwear lifts and why are Footwear lifts important?
Q: Should the actual item be submitted?
Q: I don’t see any footwear or tire impressions, should I still submit the evidence?
Q: Can shoe size be determined from Footwear Impressions?
Q: Can the direction of travel be determined through examination of a tire impression?
Q: Will the same level of conclusion be reached if questioned impressions are compared to shoes/tires versus standards taken from shoes/tires?
Q: Should I submit all Crime Scene Photographs taken?
Q: Is there a limit to the number of pieces of evidence that can be submitted for a Footwear and Tire Section case?