Submission FAQ
Friction Ridge

Q: What is the best way to handle latent print evidence/latent lifts?
Q: Should SID/OBTS numbers be included when submitting cases with subjects?
Q: Should I submit newly developed subject standards for a case that has previously been searched in BIS?
Q: Is there a limit to the number of pieces of evidence that can be submitted for a Latent Print case?
Q: Why does some evidence not produce latent prints?
Q: Are latent prints left every time an object is touched? 
Q: Can latent prints be rubbed off of a surface? If so, how easily do they rub off?
Q: Can I contact an analyst in the Friction Ridge section if I have a question pertaining to the discipline?
Q: Can I have this (item) examined for DNA and prints?
Q: Can I submit standards for comparison even though prints were already searched in the Biometric Identification System (BIS)?
Q: Why are some prints stored in the BIS unsolved latent database and others are not?
Q: If we have a subject for our case what can we provide your agency with to help facilitate comparisons?
Q: Should we process items before submitting them to the laboratory?
Q: I have a subject that I would like latent print evidence compared to, can you look at this subject?
Q: I forgot to wear gloves when attempting to lift prints, is that okay?