Submission FAQ

Do you only accept 5 items from examination?

A: No.  There is no limit to the number of items you can submit for firearms analysis; however, please work with us for submission of the best evidence.  Any evidence agreed upon to be relevant and within submission criteria can be examined.

Can a trigger pull measurement be taken?

A: Yes, in certain cases in which accidental discharge or mechanical failure is suspected and with Supervisor approval. 

Is GSR testing of the hands still performed?

A: No, FDLE no longer conducts this analysis but can provide a list of private vendors upon request.

Do you still perform gunshot residue detection/distance
determination on clothing?

A: Yes, on victim's clothing only containing a bullet hole and submitted with the suspected firearm with sufficient unfired ammunition available for testing.  Supervisor approval is needed.

Are tool mark examinations still performed?

A: No, FDLE no longer conducts this analysis however, the FBI can be contacted about potential examination of violent crime cases.

Do you examine revolvers?

A: Revolvers are only accepted for examination in violent crime cases.  For non-violent cases, exceptions can be granted at the request of an Assistant State Attorney or through supervisor approval.

Are cartridge cases removed from the cylinder/chamber of a
revolver/pistol examined?

A: No; however, exceptions may be granted under special case circumstances with supervisor approval.

Do you have a database for fired bullets?

A: No, the NIBIN database is only for fired cartridge cases.

Does NIBIN search the entire country on every case?

A: No, current cases submitted to FDLE are automatically searched against the entire State of Florida.  Other regions can be searched upon special request.

Do all NIBIN potential associations notifications need to be
sent back in for direct comparison confirmation?

A: No.  Confirmations will only be conducted if the information is needed for arrest/search warrants or for court purposes.

Does a victim have to be hit for cartridge cases to be eligible
for NIBIN entry?

A: No, any case in which a suspected crime was committed can be submitted.

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