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Questions regarding the seal and expunge process or application status can be directed to If requesting status information, remember to include a copy of your government issued photo identification.

The processing time to determine eligibility is typically 12 weeks from the date a completed application packet is received.  Extensive research is required to determine eligibility and several factors contribute to the processing time of an application packet.  Application packets are researched in the order received. FDLE does not expedite application packets. 

Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Post Office Box 1489
Tallahassee, Florida 32302-1489
Attention: Expunge Section

(850) 410-7870 Expunge Section

As required by the Florida Customer Service Standards Act (s. 23.30, Florida Statutes), FDLE will provide this vehicle for facilitating "customer complaints, including any customer complaints regarding unsatisfactory treatment by department employees" and dissatisfaction with delivery of services. Complaints and compliments should be in reference to services offered by FDLE only.





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