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SLP Research Papers Topical Index

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in these articles are solely those of the authors based on their independent research and analysis and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of FDLE or FCJEI.
  • Issues in Corrections and Detention
    Issues in Corrections and Detention includes all papers related to corrections, detention, probation and parole except for juvenile detention, which are indexed in the Juvenile Justice section.
  • Ethics and Integrity in Criminal Justice
    This section also includes papers about professional standards and discipline.
  • Human Resources
    Includes all papers with implications for management of human resources. This section includes subtopics on collective bargaining and unions; diversity; organization policy and management; recruitment and retention; and wellness, fitness and stress management.
  • Juvenile Crime and Juvenile Justice
    Juvenile Crime and Juvenile Justice contains papers all aspects of juvenile justice including juvenile detention, boot camps, alternative sentencing, rehabilitation programs, youth gangs and related topics.
  • Leadership in Criminal Justice Organizations
    Papers included in this section address topics such as organization culture; quality management and quality initiatives; leadership development; systems and organizational design; the changing nature of criminal justice; and related subjects.
  • The Future of Police Operations
    The Future of Police Operations includes papers with the main emphasis on law enforcement operational issues including environmental law enforcement, and several papers on community policing. Papers that have operational implications on such diverse topics as land use and property rights, the war on drugs, casino gambling, and physician assisted suicide. Subsections of Police Operations are Community Policing; Crime and Criminal Investigations; Police Services; Special Operations; and Training.
  • Technology in Criminal Justice
    Technology in Criminal Justice includes papers with the main emphasis on applications of emerging technology. Most of these could also be indexed in another section, but the emphasis in these papers is clearly on the technology itself.

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