FCJEI Programs

Chief Executive Seminar
This educational opportunity is available to the chief executive in county, municipal and state criminal justice agencies, directors of both state and local correctional facilities, and on a limited basis, to those designated to act in the absence of the chief executive.  A faculty with world class credentials, and small classes reflecting broad spectrum of experience, professional disciplines and geographic distribution among participants makes this an exceptional and widely respected educational experience.  The class meets for three separate sessions, each one emphasizing the role of a leader. 

Executive Leadership Seminar
The Executive Leadership Seminar (ELS) is an educational opportunity available to bridge the gap between the Senior Leadership Program and the Chief Executive Seminar. The goal of the ELS is to provide a continuing education forum for upper management leadership (usually Captain or above depending on the agency structure) of Florida criminal justice organizations that will develop and refine leadership skills for criminal justice professionals. The seminar places focus on quality in leadership and promoting the ability to create and lead change. The seminar is delivered in three sessions, each emphasizing a different aspect of leadership. Topics include communicating through a crisis, critical thinking, leading proactively, managing organizations, overcoming adversity, emotional intelligence, and servant leadership.

Senior Leadership Program
The goal of the Senior Leadership Program (SLP) is to provide a continuing education forum for the development and refinement of leadership skills for Florida’s middle management criminal justice professionals. Individual components of the program all have a leadership theme and a "futures" orientation. Graduates of SLP will be familiar with the science of futures forecasting, including the conduct and assessment of futures oriented research in the social and behavioral sciences. Program participants will engage in a study of individual leadership skills, styles and characteristics, with applications to leadership in teams, organizations, and the community. Strategic thinking, strategic planning, innovative problem solving, and leadership of change are program components that will prepare criminal justice professionals to create and lead change in criminal justice organizations and in Florida communities. The program is framed around seven separate weeklong sessions, spaced approximately 6-8 weeks apart, with significant reading and an independent research requirement to be completed outside of the program meeting times.  Graduates of SLP are eligible for as many as nine graduate level university credits offered through the Reubin O'D. Askew School of Public Administration & Policy at Florida State University.

Florida Leadership Academy
The Florida Leadership Academy (FLA) Program is a vital part of the Florida Criminal Justice Executive Institute (FCJEI) located within the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Bureau of Professional Development. The FLA prepares first-line supervisors in criminal justice organizations to exemplify the character and integrity expected of criminal justice professionals, and examines the various components necessary to be an effective leader. Each unit of curriculum provides further insight towards proactive problem solving, effective communication, and related leadership skills. The FLA meets one week a month for a total of four consecutive sessions.

Continued Executive Development Program
The Continuing Executive Development series offers workshops and seminars on contemporary issues in leadership for criminal justice executives and managers. These classes range in length from 1-3 days and are offered at various locations in Florida.
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For additional information on upcoming training opportunities please contact the Bureau of Professional Development at (850) 410-7373.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Priorities

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