2016 Tech Memos

Number Description
2016-01 Notice of Legal Rights and Remedies Brochure
2016-02 USDOJ, Office for Civil Rights Inquiry and the Use of Basic Abilities Test Results in Employee Selection Processes
2016-03 Regional Training Council Meeting and Membership Requirements
2016-04 Public Safety Telecommunications for Law Enforcement Officers
2016-05 Operating Capital Outlay Expenditures Guidelines
2016-06 Correction to 2016 Basic Recruit Training Program Textbooks
2016-07 Implementation of New CPO Basic Recruit Training Program, Number 3003
2016-08 Maintaining Criminal History Information
2016-09 Role-Play Scenarios for Facilitative Learning
2016-10 Updates to First Aid Forms (CJSTC-5 and CJSTC-208) and CMS First Aid Instructor Course # 1114
2016-11 New Florida Administrative Code Rules Effective September 4, 2016
2016-12 Changes to Post-Basic Courses Effective September 4, 2016