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Criminal Justice Analytics Bureau

The Criminal Justice Analytics Bureau (CJAB) is comprised of two sections that facilitate the collection, analysis, and dissemination of criminal justice data in Florida. Through the Florida Statistical Analysis Center (FSAC) and the Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) Program, CJAB supports the state’s transition to incident-based crime reporting and the implementation of the Criminal Justice Data Transparency initiative.

Florida Statistical Analysis Center (FSAC)
FSAC analyzes criminal justice data and prepares statistical reports for policy makers, planners, and program developers; and serves as a criminal justice resource for academicians, media, students, and others researching crime in Florida. FSAC contributes to the quality of data in the Criminal History files and Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) by analyzing and reporting on issues and anomalies in the data. FSAC activities are partially funded through the State Justice Statistics program of the Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Office of Justice Programs.

Uniform Crime Reports (UCR)
Florida’s UCR Program is responsible for the collection, review, correction, and input of information for UCR, Hate Crime, and Domestic Violence criminal activity from Florida’s law enforcement agencies. Members serve as FDLE’s liaison to local, state, and federal law enforcement and provide assistance regarding current crime trends and statistical reports. The data includes the volume, rates, and trends of reported criminal incidents and arrests in all of Florida’s counties. Members compile annual and semi-annual reports for law enforcement, the Legislature, media, and the public about reported crimes and arrests in Florida and report information to the FBI for the national Uniform Crime Reporting Program.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Priorities

FDLE is composed of five areas: Executive Direction and Business Support, Criminal Investigations and Forensic Science, Criminal Justice Information, Criminal Justice Professionalism and Florida Capitol Police. FDLE’s duties, responsibilities and procedures are mandated through Chapter 943, FS, and Chapter 11, FAC. To learn more about these areas, read our Statement of Agency Organization and Operation or visit our Open Government page.