FDLE will be accepting applications for Class 30 (Starting July 2019) of the Analyst Academy in April 2019.


The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has designed specialized analyst training programs available to all law enforcement analysts.

“Law Enforcement Analyst” means any person who is employed or contracted by any municipality or the state or any political subdivision thereof; whose primary responsibility is to collect, analyze and disseminate data to support, enhance, and direct law enforcement missions. Their efforts are directed at identifying criminal subjects, organizations, activities, events and/or forecasting future crime occurrences utilizing analytical techniques. This definition includes all law enforcement analysts who provide strategic, operational, investigative, intelligence and crime analysis.

Florida Law Enforcement Analyst Training (FLEAT)

The FLEAT course teaches basic skills necessary for law enforcement analysts and is a required prerequisite course for admission to the Analyst Academy.

In order to be eligible for attendance, a person must have a minimum of 6 months of experience working in an analytical capacity with a law enforcement agency.

Admitted FLEAT students are required to achieve an 80% on two separate skills assessment tests at the end of the course in order to graduate.

If you are interested in attending you must complete the application found here.

Florida Law Enforcement Analyst Academy (FLEAA)

The Academy is specifically designed to enhance intelligence analysis by providing a specialized skill set in all the areas of law enforcement analysis. The Academy is a unique educational opportunity and will create an objective system where analysts receive standardized advanced training and are tested to ensure that they are performing at levels appropriate for the training that they have received. This Academy was created for the entire law enforcement community in the State of Florida and provides a standardized advanced training curriculum and uniform baseline in the area of trained professionals in the area of law enforcement analysis. Attendees of the academy will attend a total of five weeks training which will be held one week a month over a five-month period.

Applicants to the Florida Law Enforcement Analyst Academy must:
  • Occupy a criminal justice analyst position for at least one year;
  • Pass the Florida Law Enforcement Analyst Training (FLEAT);
  • Have successfully passed a background investigation by the nominee’s employing agency consistent with background standards for criminal justice officers as detailed in Rule 11B-27.0022 of Florida Administrative Code; and,
  • Have the written endorsement of the agency chief executive or designee (Nomination Form) indicating the applicant’s potential.
If you are interested in attending, please follow the below instructions:

The completed Florida Law Enforcement Analyst Academy nomination and application provides a written assessment of the nominee’s current and potential skills, abilities, and accomplishments. All sections must be completed.

Part I: Nomination

The nominator must provide written support for the nominee to attend the Florida Law Enforcement Analyst Academy and acknowledge the nominator statement of commitment. Please have the chief executive or designee of your agency complete the nomination form found here.
Part II: Application

The nominee must provide information that is relevant to this Program. This includes personal information, educational background, training information, skill assessment and professional experience. Additionally, the nominee must carefully read and acknowledge the nominee statement of commitment found at the end of the form. Please complete the application found here.

Applications without a nomination from the supporting agency will not be considered.

Disclaimer: Information provided in response to this application is for use of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and will not be used for any purpose other than selection into and administration of the Florida Law Enforcement Analyst Academy. This material is not, however, exempt from those sections of the Florida Statutes governing disclosure of public documents, and should not be considered confidential.

Questions should be addressed to the Program Director at: Please understand the program director travels frequently and is not always available to respond to email while traveling. Thank you for your cooperation.