Commission Meetings

The next MEC meeting will be held on the following date. 

Date:     August 14, 2020 at 10:00 AM EDT via GoTo Meeting 


If you would like to address the MEC on an issue, please call in 15 minutes prior to the meeting. The meeting will be livestreamed through the link below for informational purposes. 
Instructions: Please call at least 15 minutes before the scheduled meeting time.          Phone Number: 1-877-309-2073
Access Code: 645-825-277
Livestream Link:

2020 MEC meetings schedule:
November 10 or 13 (Tuesday or Friday)

The Florida Medical Examiners Commission invites and encourages all members of the public to provide comment on matters before the Commission. Members of the public will be given an opportunity to provide comment on subject matters before the Commission after an agenda item is introduced at a meeting. Members of the public shall be limited to five minutes to provide comment. The chair of the Commission may extend the time to provide comment if time permits.

Members of the public should notify Commission staff of his or her interest to be heard on a matter before the Commission.  The notification should be submitted to Commission staff at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Florida Medical Examiners Commission Staff, Post Office Box 1489, Tallahassee, Florida 32302 or by email at

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