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Regional Budget

The Regional Training Council shall vote on its Criminal Justice Standards and Training Trust Fund (referred herein as "Trust Fund"), proposed budget required by Rule Chapter 11B-18, F.A.C., based on the annual projected allocation from the Commission.

  • Trust Fund Operating Budget

  • To be eligible to receive trust funds, each Regional Training Council shall submit one copy of a proposed Trust Fund Operating Budget for Administrative Costs, Training Costs, and Operating Capital Outlay Costs on a Trust Fund Operating Budget form CJSTC-310 to the Field Services Section no later than February 1st of each year,

  • A Regional Training Council that fails to submit an operating budget on before the established date, or fails to receive an extension of time for its budget submission, shall forfeit the opportunity to propose an operating budget for the training region or training school. Thereafter, the Commission may approve any equitable and appropriate disposition of trust funds that were previously available for distribution to the training region or training school. A CJSTC-310 form, which includes a Regional Summary Sheet, shall be completed and submitted by the Regional Training Council Chairperson to the Field Services Section.

  • Operating Budgets

  • Administrative Expenses (Category I)

  • Training Expenses and Expenditure Detail Statement (Category II)

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