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Administrative Expenses

Percentage Allocation of Trust Funds

Five percent (5%) of the allocated trust funds to the training region, or in the absence of a Regional Fiscal Agent, five percent (5%) of the allocated funds to a training school, is the maximum allowed for administrative expenses.

Use of Trust Funds for Travel

An additional amount may be budgeted for travel to Trust Fund workshops conducted by the Trust Fund Administrative Section for the Regional Training Council Chairperson, fiscal agents, and training center directors or designees. Travel to the regularly scheduled quarterly Commission meetings may be paid for the training center director or a designee.


Administrative Expense Categories and Definitions

Administrative expenses are divided into two categories—Personal Services and Miscellaneous Expenses. Personal Services include compensation to the training school for services performed by training school staff, and for part-time services and related expenses. Miscellaneous expenses may include communication costs and office supplies. Trust funds shall not be used for recurring costs, or other costs that would normally and reasonably be incurred by the training school, i.e., liability insurance, utilities, and office furniture. Administrative expenses shall be reasonable and an accounting of the expenditures shall be maintained.


Trust Fund Expenditure Formula

Each Regional Training Council shall ensure that its regional training budget complies with the following expenditure formula established by the Commission:

  • Administrative Expense No more than 5% of the Region allocation

  • Training Expense No less than 80% of the Region allocation

  • Operating Capital Outlay No more than 15% of the Region allocation

  • Unexpended Trust Funds

  • Unexpended trust funds shall be reported on a Trust Fund Year-End Fiscal Report form CJSTC-301 (.pdf format), and re-deposited into the trust fund. Purchase orders for any encumbered funds shall be dated prior to July 1. All encumbered funds shall be expended and the goods and services received by December 31 of the same calendar year.

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