Operating Capital Outlay

The Commission, at its January 1996 meeting, approved new guidelines for OCO expenditures. Items purchased shall be "unique" to the delivery of approved Advanced and Specialized Training Courses, excluding any item required for training school certification listed in Rule Chapter 11B-21, F.A.C. Trust Funds shall not be used for costs that are normally and reasonably incurred by a training school.

Trust funds expended within this category shall be expended or encumbered by June 30 of the fiscal year for which they are approved. Funds encumbered by June 30 shall be expended and the goods received by December 31 of the same calendar year, or the funds shall revert to the trust fund.


Percentage Allocation of Trust Funds

  • No more than 15% of a regional trust fund allocation can be expended on OCO purchases.


Expense Operating Capital Outlay Equipment

All OCO expenditures shall be personal property of a non-consumable nature and non-expendable, with a life expectancy of one (1) year or more, and a cost value of $500 or less. Expense OCO items include cameras, lab equipment, defensive tactics gear, hardback bound textbooks, and other criminal justice related objects.


    Standard Operating Capital Outlay Equipment:

  • Standard OCO items include items with a cost value more than $500 and include laser devices, radar units, breathalyzers, classroom computers, etc. All OCO items shall be inventoried.

  • NOTE: An updated inventory list of Trust Fund items purchased by each school in the region shall be submitted to the Field Services Section each year, along with the final Year-End Fiscal Report.

  • Each OCO item shall relate directly to the delivery of Commission-approved Advanced and Specialized Training Courses such as: videos, films, radar and laser devices, shotguns, and other similar items. Direct delivery is defined as being used in the classroom or training setting.


Operating Capital Outlay Equipment Not Appropriate for Trust Fund Expenditures

On May 11, 2016, Technical Memorandum 2016-05 was issued updating the list of items generally considered inappropriate OCO purchases using trust fund monies.  The updated list is as follows:

  • Any items purchased and not used for direct instruction of advanced or specialized classes

  • Audio visual equipment including screens, televisions, projectors, players, recorders, etc.

  • Bleachers or other seating

  • Chalk, dry erase, or electronic presentation boards

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Industrial first aid kits

  • Infrastructure such as AC units, water fountains, flooring, or other building items

  • Mobile firearms rangers

  • Padded floor mats

  • Portable shelters or covers

  • Radio, cellular, or other telecommunications equipment

  • Storage equipment or furniture of any type

  • Storage sheds, buildings, or other infrastructure

  • Vehicles (on-road, off-road, or aerial)

  • Vessels (boats, personal water craft, etc.)

  • Warning signs

Upon Commission approval, the above items may be purchased if a training school can demonstrate that the items shall not be used to meet certification, and if the training school can demonstrate a special need for the additional equipment, other than for use in a Commission-approved Basic Recruit Training Program.


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