Seminar Info et al.

This section will include handouts and materials from seminars and other meetings that are of interest to the law enforcement community. As always, please contact your agency legal advisors to confirm the interpretation provided and to determine to what extent the information contained within will impact your activities.
2015 Updates  
  FAPA Case Update 2015
2014 Updates  
  FAPA Case Update 2014
2013 Updates  
  FAPA Case Update 2013
2011 Updates  
  FAPA Case Update 2011
2010 Updates  
  FAPA Case Update 2010
2008 Updates  
  FIU Case Law Update 2008
2006 Updates  
11/15/06 FAPA Case Update 2006
09/12/06 Association of College and University Auditors 2006 Conference-- "Garrity and Workplace Search Presentation (9/11/06) by FDLE General Counsel Michael Ramage
2005 Updates  
07/11/06 General Counsel's IADLEST Presentation 6/27/06
11/15/05 FIU Case Update 2005
11/15/05 FAPA Case Update 2005
11/15/05 FIU 2005 Immigration and Case Law Update (Power Point Presentation)
10/31/05 Emerging Immigration Issues For Local Law Enforcement (IACP 2005 Seminar)
10/31/05 Liability & Training Issues (Power Point Presentation)