Office of Criminal Justice Grants

Additional Tiered Contracting
I found out my third-party is entering into agreements with other parties to perform activities under this award, what do I need to do to ensure compliance?

Occasionally you may experience your third-party contractor or provider needing to contract with an additional party to complete activities under the grant award. While we try to discourage such complex contractual relationships, the most important thing to note is the same requirements flow down from tier to tier.

The first step is to have your third-party complete the same relationship determination checklist you completed for them. Visit the Third-Party Relationship Determinations page for more information.

Your third-party must adhere to the appropriate requirements outlined on the Third-Party Contractor Determinations Page or the Third-Party Subrecipient Determinations Page, depending on the results of the relationship determination checklist.

NOTE: As a pass-through entity it is important to maintain all documentation of compliance between your third-party provider and any additional tiered providers they use. OCJG may ask for this documentation while processing payments or during monitoring.

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