Office of Criminal Justice Grants

Third-Party Contractor Determinations

The determination checklist indicated I was entering into a relationship with a CONTRACTOR, what do I do now?

Now that you have determined your contractual service relationship is with a third-party contractor, there are some federal compliance requirements that must be adhered to and incorporated into the contractual agreement between the two of you. These requirements are found in:

In order to ensure the compliance requirements of third-party contracts, OCJG developed the Third-Party Contract Compliance Checklist that must be completed and submitted to OCJG for review, along with a copy of your executed third-party agreement. 

As a recipient/subrecipient of federal funds, you are responsible for ensuring your agreements comply with the required provisions. If you have an existing contractual agreement with your contractor, you must ensure the agreement is modified to incorporate and comply with the relevant elements outlined in the compliance checklist. Failure to ensure your agreements meet the federal contracting compliance requirements will result in a finding on your award at the time of monitoring.

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