Basic Abilities Test (BAT)



  • Individuals who desire to enter a basic recruit training program for law enforcement or corrections must first pass a basic abilities test. This test was adopted by the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission pursuant to Section 943.17, F.S., and further detailed in F.A.C. 11B-35.0011(1).

  • Former Florida-certified or out-of-state-certified officers may qualify for an exemption from the basic abilities test and basic recruit training program by completing the Equivalency of Training process.

  • The basic abilities test is sometimes referred to as BAT or CJBAT, which are the same.

  • There are separate tests for corrections and law enforcement.

  • The test is administered only within the state of Florida.

  • Information regarding the content of the test is available through Pearson VUE. Study aids and preparation materials are available for sale at the IOS, Inc. website ( You may search the IOS, Inc. website for “CJBAT” to find related study products for sale.

  • The test cannot be taken more than three times per discipline during any 12-month period.


Test Sign-Up Procedures:

  • Registration for the test is available online through Pearson VUE.


  • The test score is valid for four years from the date of the test. If you would like a copy of your ATMS profile, you can request it here.

  • Please note that the ONLY official test result is the electronic record stored in FDLE’s Automated Training Management System (ATMS). For this reason, FDLE cannot provide official score reports to applicants. All Florida criminal justice agencies have access to ATMS. 

  • The passing scores are based on research using educational and psychological principles and are valid only for eligibility to enter the criminal justice basic recruit training programs. Training centers and agencies cannot use scores for other purposes (e.g., minimum score for hiring or ranking candidates).


Exam Records:

  • If information is incorrect in ATMS, such as name or social security number, contact the Records Section Customer Service Specialist or the main line at (850) 410-8600.

  • If BAT information is missing from ATMS, call (850) 410-8663.

  • For further information, call (850) 410-8663 or click here to request information by email. During the COVID-19 pandemic, email will be the most efficient form of contact.


Should you elect to participate in any training described herein, please understand that you will be asked to provide your Social Security Number (SSN). The decision to provide your SSN is at your option, but failure to provide your SSN may result in a delay in processing your application or request. If you provide your SSN, FDLE will use it for purposes of identification, and may share the information with other agencies for the same purpose. FDLE’s request for your SSN is authorized by state law because it is imperative for the performance of FDLE's duties and responsibilities pursuant to Section 119.071(5)(a)2.a.II, F.S.
PLEASE NOTE: Your test results cannot be processed without your SSN.