Florida Law Enforcement Officers’ Hall of Fame

- Past Inductees -

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2022 Inductees: 

David F. Harvey

Henry Neil Kirkman

Arthur McGehee

Charles R. Press

Stephen D. Wayne


2021 Inductees:

Nathaniel Glover

Irving Heller

Sidney R. Klein

Edward M. Spooner

John M. Spottswood

2020 Inductees:

Lawrence W. Crow, Jr.

James M. Gabbard

William A. Liquori

William J. Romine

Donna Uzzell

2019 Inductees:

Charles F. DuPont

Manuel L. Gonzalez

Paul R. Hoover

Alphonso Lofton

James D. Sewell


2018 Inductees:

Robert Blackburn

Donald Eslinger

Ernest George

Frederick Maas

James Smith


2017 Inductees:

Richard M. Beary

William B. Berger

James T. Moore

Neil J. Perry

J. M. "Buddy" Phillips


2016 Inductees:

Willis D. Booth

Larry Campbell

Thomas D. Hurlburt, Jr.

James F. Medley

Leonidas George Mavro Thalassites


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