Exam Review & Challenge Process

The purpose of this session is to allow each applicant who has failed the examination an opportunity to see which items they missed and the correct answer for each of those items.

Applicants may also write challenges against items that they feel do not accurately represent the curriculum.
  • Applicants may only review one examination at each review session.
  • Applicants have 90 minutes to review and/or challenge their examination.
  • Item challenges are reviewed by subject matter experts and credit awarded when warranted.


The exam must be reviewed/challenged within 120 days of the failed examination.

If the review is not completed within 120 days, the examination can only be reviewed and not challenged.

Procedure to Participate in Review Session

FDLE offers electronic exam reviews at Peason Vue Test centers. This service can only be scheduled by contacting the Pearson Vue call center. For more information, please see Exam Review FAQs.