2015 Tech Memos

Number Description
2015-01 2015 Textbook Order Forms for Basic Recruit Training Materials
2015-02 DOE Criminal Justice Operations Professional Development Workshop and Criminal Justice Operations Course (8918000)
2015-03 Safe Handling of Firearms Course
2015-04 Discontinued Issuance of Certain Letters of Acknowledgement (LOAs) Related to Disciplinary Cases
2015-05 Basic Recruit Firearms Qualification
2015-06 Travel Costs To and From Trust Funded Training Courses
2015-07 New Florida Administrative Code Rules effective July 29, 2015
2015-08 Implementation of New First Aid and First Aid Instructor Proficiencies
2015-09 Diabetic Emergencies and Officer Response Training
2015-10 Issuance of Civil Citations in Lieu of Arrest