2013 Tech Memos

Number Description
2013-01 Public Safety Telecommunications Training for Law Enforcement Officers
2013-02 Skid Simulation in Vehicle Operations Training
2013-03 Competency-Based Specialized Instructor Course Hours
2013-04 2013 Instructor Packets for Basic Recruit Training Programs
2013-05 Florida Officer Discipline Process Video No Longer Required
2013-06 New Florida Administrative Code Rules effective March 13, 2013
2013-07 Annual Salary Incentive Reports
2013-08 Review of the 2014 Law Enforcement Basic Training Curriculum
2013-09 State Officer Certification Examination 2013 Schedule Changes
2013-10 State Officer Certification Examination 2013 Schedule Changes
2013-11 Firearms Qualification Requirements
2013-12 Law Enforcement Driving Task Force Recommendations
2013-13 Commission-Approved Basic Recruit Cross-Over Training Program
2013-14 Special Elected or Appointed Officer Separation
2013-15 Retention of Student Fingerprints
2013-16 Basic Abilities Test
2013-17 Driver and Vehicle Information Database (DAVID) Tutorial
2013-18 Implementation of New Canine Courses Pending Rule Promulgation
2013-19 Implementation of Revised Underwater Police Science and Technology Course