2012 Tech Memos

Number Description
2012-01 Updated Post-Basic Training Courses
2012-03 State Officer Certification Examination Changes
2012-04 Annual Salary Incentive Reports, Mandatory Retraining,
2012-05 Speed Measurement Course
2012-06 Examination Admission Vouchers
2012-07 New Post-Basic Course
2012-08 Students Transitioning from Traditional Correctional to the Florida CMS
2012-09 Online Training Certificate System
2012-10 2012 Basic Recruit Training Programs
2012-11 New Florida Administrative Code Rules effective May 21, 2012
2012-12 Law Topics Instructor Certification
2012-13 Firearms Qualification Prior to Certification
2012-14 Public Safety Telecommunications Training for Law Enforcement Officers
2012-15 State Officer Certification Examination Test Results
2012-16 Updated Post-Basic Courses
2012-17 State Officer Certification Examination 2012 Schedule Changes
2012-18 Repeal of the Role Play Practicum Check Sheet, Form CJSTC-3
2012-19 Revised Notice of Legal Rights and Remedies Brochure
2012-20 Request for Existing High Liability Facilities as Satellite Sites
2012-21 Public Safety Telecommunications for Law Enforcement
2012-22 Updated Post Basic Courses
2012-23 Online Training Certificate System