In Case You Missed It: Governor DeSantis touts legislative priorities for law and order

For Immediate Release
January 27, 2023
MIAMI – Accompanied by FDLE Commissioner Mark Glass, Attorney General Ashley Moody, and local law enforcement leaders, Governor Ron DeSantis announced his law-and-order legislative priorities for the upcoming session at a press conference yesterday in Miami.
Among the legislative proposals he advocated for are increased funding for human-smuggling interdictions, tougher penalties for sex criminals, strengthening and standardization of Florida’s bail laws, and a multi-pronged approach to combat the fentanyl crisis.
“Other states endanger their citizens by making it easier to put criminals back on the street. Here in Florida, we will to continue to support and enact policies to protect our communities and keep Floridians safe,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “Florida will remain the law and order state.”
“While some states are adopting soft-on-crime policies that increase lawlessness and decrease public safety, in Florida, we strive to strengthen our laws, keep violent criminals behind bars and take proactive steps to keep our communities safe,” said Attorney General Ashley Moody. “I want to thank Governor DeSantis for always standing up for the rule of law and taking action to fortify public safety measures to ensure we continue to be the best state in the nation to pursue the American dream.”  
“Governor Ron DeSantis knows the importance of keeping families safe, and, because of that, his commitment to law enforcement is unprecedented,” said Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Mark Glass. “We are thankful to live in Florida. So many of our law enforcement colleagues across the country just don’t have the support of leaders like Governor DeSantis.”
DeSantis’ proposal to dedicate $5 million in upcoming budget recommendations for further interdictions to combat crime coming into the state comes on the heels of a wave of successful operations dating back to June 2022. The interdictions, a strike force partnership between FDLE, FHP and local law enforcement, have already resulted in more than 200 felony charges, including more than 40 human smuggling-related charges and 66 drug charges, plus the seizure of more than a dozen firearms, five stolen vehicles, nearly $200,000 in cash, and illegal drugs with a street value of more than $628,000.
The governor’s recommendations on stamping out illegal fentanyl’s proliferation, also a key priority of FDLE, includes increasing criminal penalties related to “rainbow fentanyl” and their ilk – so called because of the illicit drugs’ colorful, candylike appearance – as well as allocating $20 million in local support funding for law enforcement to interdict and apprehend the illicit sale and trafficking of fentanyl. Due to its highly addictive properties and lack of odor or taste, illicit drug manufacturers add it to fake prescription pills and other drugs, often leading to lethal results.
Fentanyl caused nearly 6,000 deaths in Florida in 2021, according to the Florida Medical Examiners Commission’s Drugs Identified in Deceased Persons Report, more than twice as many deaths caused as that of the next most-lethal drug in the report. Fentanyl analogs were another top killer, with 1,152 Florida deaths ascribed to them by medical examiners in 2021. The full 2021 annual report can be found at
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