Hernando County and FDLE launch Rapid DNA technology

For Immediate Release
December 15, 2023
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – When the Hernando County Sheriff’s Department launched its new Rapid DNA device in November, it marked the first usage of the technology in the new FDLE Rapid DNA Booking program.
Hernando County is using the new system at the Hernando County Detention Center Booking Unit.
Rapid DNA, or Rapid DNA analysis, is a term used to describe the fully automated process of developing a DNA profile from a reference sample mouth swab in 1-2 hours without the need for a DNA laboratory and without any human interpretation.
The overall goal of the Rapid DNA initiative is to immediately enroll qualifying arrestees in the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) so that every arrestee is searched against all unsolved crimes in CODIS within 24 hours.
Chris Carney, deputy director of forensic services for FDLE, said the new technology has the potential to change the law enforcement landscape in the state by helping solve crimes faster. FDLE is working with the FBI and local sheriff’s offices in the deployment of Rapid DNA technology.
Rapid DNA is not currently approved for use on crime scene samples for enrollment and/or search in CODIS, according to Heather Parrish, the state’s CODIS administrator.
Jennifer Camp, the agency’s DNA database supervisor, said there are many challenges that must be overcome before Rapid DNA devices can be reliably used for crime scene sample analysis for CODIS entry and search.
These challenges are being assessed, through coordination with the FBI, in order to advance this technology for crime scene use. It is important to note that Rapid DNA requires more of a sample size than conventional laboratory processing, she said.

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