Florida Law Enforcement Analyst Academy Class 36 Graduation

For Immediate Release
December 18, 2023
SANFORD, Fla.  – The Florida Department of Law Enforcement announces the graduation of 30 law enforcement analysts from the Florida Law Enforcement Analyst Academy. These graduates serve crime intelligence analyst roles representing 20 Florida criminal justice agencies and one North Carolina police department.
During this six-week academy, these graduates were challenged with hands-on training, assignments, quizzes and presentations. They developed the skills necessary to complete individual and group research projects. The students took a comprehensive examination following the completion of all course work and successful graduates are recognized as Florida-certified law enforcement analysts. The graduation ceremony was held December 15.
The goal of the Florida Law Enforcement Analyst Academy is to provide a uniform training curriculum in the area of law enforcement analysis. In addition, the analyst academy sets the foundation for a professional career path in criminal and intelligence analysis and investigations for non-sworn personnel in law enforcement.
Florida Law Enforcement Analyst Academy Class 36 Graduates:
Kristin Adams                 Collier County Sheriff’s Office
Vasiliki Alicea                 Pasco County Sheriff's Office
Brittany Alvarado            Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
Angelica M. Ardines       Fort Lauderdale Police Department
Lucas Aviles                   Orlando Police Department
William Barber                Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office
Gabriella N. Barrera       New Bern Police Department, NC
Rebecca Black               Florida Gaming Control Commission
Brittany Burris                Zephyrhills Police Department
Jan Palmeri Clark          Boynton Beach Police Department
Kristina Cole                  Pinellas County Sheriff's Office
Darcy Cope Cosentino  Winter Park Police Department
Anthony Florian             Broward County Sheriff’s Office
Matthew Forrester         Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Kathryn Fowler              Osceola County Sheriff's Office
Stephanie I. François    Orange County Public Schools District Police
Nicholas Garcia             Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Nicoda Goulbourne       Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation
Rachel Higgins              Kissimmee Police Department
Dallas M. Hull                Volusia County Sheriff's Office
Shayla Laursen             Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office
Christina Ann Malley     Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Jason Mileshko             Florida Department of Law Enforcement   
Jeffrey Morales             Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
Maritza Rodriguez        Osceola County Sheriff’s Office
Tina Scott                     Sanford Airport Police Department
Jessica Stormes           Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
Derek Vildósola            City of North Miami Police Department
Amanda Wiggins          Florida Gaming Control Commission
Madeleine Williams      Seminole County Sheriff's Office
For Further Information Contact:
FDLE Office of Public Information
(850) 410-7001

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