Noncriminal Justice CJIS Compliance and Training

Noncriminal justice organizations that receive criminal history information from FDLE as part of licensing or a background check process are required to comply with the FBI CJIS Security Policy (CSP). Within the CSP, Appendix J identifies the specific sections that must be followed. Depending on your agency’s business processes, some requirements may vary.

As the CJIS Systems Agency in Florida, FDLE is dually authorized to conduct formal audits on any entity that receives state and national background check information from FDLE. The purpose of these audits is to assess compliance with applicable statutes, regulations, and policies associated with the viewing, transmission, dissemination, storage, and destruction of criminal justice information.   

The tools and information contained herein are designed to assist noncriminal justice agencies with CJIS Security Policy compliance and prepare for an FDLE audit.

If you have any questions, please contact the FDLE Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) by phone at (850) 410-7126.