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The Office of Criminal Justice Grants (OCJG) issues awards under numerous state and federal programs. The funding opportunities for each program are released at different times throughout the year. Organizations seeking funding are encouraged to check the Open Opportunities page on a regular basis.

Opportunity Notification Process

OCJG strives to ensure appropriate individuals are notified of funding opportunities posted to the website. Prior to release, OCJG updates the list of local government chief officials (mayor, chairperson, etc.), implementing agency chief officials (sheriffs, police chiefs, directors, etc.), and current Project Directors. Once a contact list is generated, OCJG sends an email to the identified parties to provide notification of the posted opportunity.

Since OCJG heavily relies on our electronic grant management system (SIMON) to pull contact information for current project directors, it is imperative for recipients to ensure grant contacts remain up-to-date at all times.

New Application Process

The Office of Criminal Justice Grants revised its application process for all FY2018 funding. Prospective subrecipients are no longer required to print and mail two copies of the application. Additionally, signature pages are not to be submitted at the time of application. OCJG will review the application in SIMON and request signature pages prior to approval.

Previously, prospective subrecipients were required to obtain signature from their chief officials at the time of application submission and obtain a signed Certificate of Acceptance post-award since changes were often made to the application after the chief official signed the document. OCJG hopes the new process will prevent duplication of effort by only requiring signatures after all application edits are made.