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Cold case murder solved by Tampa Police and TBROC DNA

Loretta Vann was reported missing in 1987 at age 23. Her partially nude body was found near her home with the cause of death determined to be strangulation. In 1988 and 2003, FDLE examined hairs from the victim and the scene. In 2022, a special agent submitted slides retained by the medical examiner as well as a jumper the victim was wearing at the time her body was discovered. FDLE TBROC Biology identified semen on the jumper while conducting examinations in 2022-2023. Ultimately a profile was developed from the slides and entered into CODIS. The profile is attributable to a convicted offender from GA who was serving a sentence for murder and rape but died in prison years ago. Great work TBROC lab! 
Murdered: Loretta Vann | Tampa, FL | Uncovered

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Priorities

FDLE is composed of five areas: Executive Direction and Business Support, Criminal Investigations and Forensic Science, Criminal Justice Information, Criminal Justice Professionalism and Florida Capitol Police. FDLE’s duties, responsibilities and procedures are mandated through Chapter 943, FS, and Chapter 11, FAC. To learn more about these areas, read our Statement of Agency Organization and Operation or visit our Open Government page.