Online Mandatory Training

Physiological Response Dynamics Training

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement developed a podcast to satisfy ONE of the five requirements of Rule 11B-27.00212 (13) (a) 2., Florida Administrative Code, regarding Use-of-Force training.

The podcast is provided as a courtesy only, however it may be used at the discretion of agencies to achieve compliance with one of the five requirements of the rule. If used for mandatory retraining requirements, it is the responsibility of the officer’s employing agency to ensure the viewing was successfully completed.

NO HOURS toward mandatory training will be awarded for this video. The FCJEI does not issue a certificate of completion, nor track viewing.

Important: This podcast (audio only) replaces the video that was previously on this website.

For customers experiencing difficulties launching the podcast, please see instructions below.

Internet Explorer: An error message that states "Windows has blocked this software because it can't verify the publisher" will appear. Click the "ok" button and the media player will load normally.

Google Chrome and Firefox: Installation of the QuickTime Plugin is required. You will be prompted at the top of the screen to install the QuickTime Plugin. Click the "install plugin" button and follow the installation instructions.

Questions and concerns may be directed to the Bureau of Professional Development at (850) 410-7373.

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