Regional Domestic Security Task Forces

The state's seven (7) Regional Domestic Security Task Forces (RDSTFs) are the foundation of Florida’s domestic security structure. Each RDSTF is co-chaired by a local Sheriff or Police Chief and an FDLE Special Agent in Charge (SAC). Task force members include first responders from the disciplines of fire/rescue, emergency management, public health and hospitals, as well as law enforcement. The task forces also work in partnership with schools, businesses and private industries.
By utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach, the RDSTFs provide support to impacted communities by serving as a force multiplier for local agencies, and working in conjunction with emergency management professionals.
Regional Domestic Security Contact Information

Domestic Security Coordinating Group

The Domestic Security Coordinating Group (DSCG) is made up of representatives and subject matter experts from the RDSTFs, designated urban areas, state agency partners and key organization liaisons who come together to address domestic security issues surfaced by the RDSTFs, network of Fusion Centers and the Domestic Security Oversight Council.

Domestic Security Oversight Council

The Domestic Security Oversight Council (DSOC) is an executive policy advisory group chaired by the Commissioner of FDLE, with the Director of Emergency Management serving as the vice-chair.

The DSOC is comprised of state agency heads that have a critical role in Florida’s domestic security. Representatives from the RDSTFs and key members of the federal government, private sector and professional associations make up the executive committee.

Initially created by executive order to help FDLE manage its new domestic security responsibilities, the DSOC has evolved into an integral part of the domestic security process. The DSOC acts as an advisory council to guide the RDSTFs and other domestic security working groups and is responsible for providing annual reports to the Governor and Legislature regarding the state of domestic security in Florida. Additionally, the DSOC provides annual domestic security funding recommendations to the Governor and Legislature.