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Become a Registered LiveScan Submitter

Where can I purchase a livescan device?

Livescan devices may be obtained through one of the FDLE approved vendors on the Livescan Device Vendors listing.

Is there a specific type livescan device that I need to purchase

Devices available through the Livescan device vendor list on the FDLE website (see Question 1 above) meet the FDLE and FBI technical requirements for submission. However, some state regulatory agencies who receive criminal history results may have additional requirements. For example, the Care Provider Background Screening Clearinghouse requires a photograph to be submitted at the time of fingerprint submission. If you intend to submit transactions for a specific agency, it is recommended that you contact the agency that will be receiving the criminal history results to make sure that you meet their specifications.

How much do livescan machines cost?

The cost of livescan devices vary depending on its function. Please contact a livescan device vendor for additional information.

What steps do I take to become a livescan provider?

Once you decide to purchase a livescan device and are ready to move forward, send an email to ApplicantChecks@fdle.state.fl.us to advise that you are ready to purchase a livescan device and would like for our technical staff to contact you.

Do I need to register my livescan device with FDLE?


Yes, all livescan providers must successfully complete a number of steps before they are approved to submit level 2 electronic requests for criminal history checks. FDLE has established a multi-step process to be completed when bringing any new civil applicant livescan into the agency’s internal computer processing environment.

These steps include:

Step 1: Use a device which successfully passed the FBI CERTIFICATION processes;

Step 2: Potential CWCS customers must complete a livescan registration form for each potential device. Each specific livescan device must then pass QUALIFICATION tests administered by FDLE ITS staff who function as the "CWCS Technical Support Team." This ensures the equipment is capable of transmitting an ANSI/NIST packet to the FDLE via a single part MIME encoded SMTP packet via the Internet;

Step 3: Appropriate data must then be submitted from each qualified livescan device, into a CWCS test system, and must pass VALIDATION routines administered by the CWCS Technical Support Team. This ensures the type of transmission (TOT) has the required elements in the proper format for processing that specific TOT;

Step 4: Accepted customers (excluding those that are classified specifically as livescan service providers) must then complete individual REGISTRATION forms for each account (ORI number) they will be using --- these forms will be provided by the CWCS Operational Team. This ensures the submitter and recipient are in full compliance with all applicable statutes governing the submission and receipt of state and national criminal history information. Additionally, this step will make certain the appropriate invoice and/or payment information for each TOT is confirmed;

Step 5: Successful completion of the above four steps will enable customers to begin OPERATIONS by submitting actual criminal history record checks into the CWCS production system.


Once I have registered my livescan device with FDLE,
what is the process?

Once your livescan device has successfully completed all of the required steps and all devices have been registered, your entity (non-governmental only) will provide FDLE with the credit card information that will be used to process the criminal history background checks. This information will stay on file with FDLE and each time a livescan transaction is submitted, the credit card will be charged the appropriate fee. The fees for transactions may vary depending on the reason or purpose that the individual is being fingerprinted. The fees are set by Florida Legislature and the FBI. Some examples of reasons for requesting a criminal history search are compliance with a statute that requires a level 2 criminal history record check for the purposes of obtaining a certain license from, employment with, a state agency, or applying to be a volunteer or employee with various private entities. You are responsible for collecting the fee from the person being fingerprinted – which should include the fee that we will be charging to your credit card, along with the fee that you wish to charge for your fingerprinting service.

What is the cost of a criminal history record check?


The cost of each request for a criminal history record check is mandated by federal laws and Section 943.053, F.S. These fees are used to offset the cost of producing the record information and reflect the total cost of creating, storing, maintaining, updating, retrieving, improving and providing criminal history information in a centralized, automated database and also include personnel, technology and infrastructure expenses.


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