Tech Memos

Number Description
2022-01 BTA Courses 1416 for Practitioners & BTA Course 1417 for Officers
2022-02 2022 Textbook Order Forms for Basic Recruit Training Materials
2022-03 Misuse of Electronic Databases
2022-04 Mandatory Training: Recognizing and Responding to Head Trauma and Brain Injury in a Child Under Six and Identifying and Investigating Human Trafficking
2022-05 Commission-approved Specialized Training Program; Course Number 1415, Duty to Intervene
2022-06 Medical Marijuana Online Course and Resources Update
2022-07 Mandatory Training: Victims of Sexual Offenses Course
2022-08 Exemption to the Law Enforcement Basic Abilities Test (Amended)
2022-09 New Florida Administrative Code Rules Effective June 23, 2022 & June 26, 2022
2022-10 Mandatory Firearms Instructor Updates
2022-11 Mandatory First Aid Instructor Updates