Tech Memos

Number Description
2018-01 Medical Marijuana in Florida: A Law Enforcement Reference Guide
2018-02 Enhancements to the Officer Training Monies Semi-Annual Expenditure Reports
2018-03 2018 Textbook Order Forms for Basic Recruit Training Materials
2018-04 Request for Subject Matter Experts
2018-05 Request for Advisory Committee Participants
2018-06 Communication Exercises Online Course
2018-07 ATMS Update Adding eSignature and eNotary
2018-08 Communication Exercises Online Course
2018-09 New Advanced Training Program Course, number 1172 Child Abuse Investigations
2018-10 Medical Marijuana Online Course and Resources
2018-11 New Florida Administrative Code Rules Effective August 15, 2018
2018-12 Dart-Firing Stun Gun Survey
2018-13 Exemption From Training - Special Operations Forces
2018-14 Statutory Time Limits regarding Temporary Employment Authorization
2018-15 Textbook Publishing Contract