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Bureau of Professional Development

The Bureau of Professional Development (BPD) supports FDLE's goals to provide support services to every local sheriff and police agency in the state through our efforts in training delivery and continuing education programs. To this end, the Bureau has produced quality online training, published on the FDLE Internet site and available free of charge for all law enforcement officers and agents across Florida. These online classes meet the specifications for the mandatory retraining requirements to assist our sworn officers in maintaining their law enforcement standards.

While we recognize that change has become a constant in our society, we build and deliver training and services around values, which do not change. These values; Service, Integrity, Respect, and Quality, have served FDLE well over the years and we constantly reinforce them in all training we deliver and every decision we make.

Our mission, therefore, is to design, develop, deliver, support and evaluate education and training programs in response to the needs of the Department and the Criminal Justice community in Florida.

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