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Fiscal Year 2019 - 2020

Project No: IA-1617-01
Information and Evidence Funds Audit*

Special Projects or Internal Projects:
Project No: SP-1920-01
2019 DAVID MOU Annual Certification*

Project No: SP-1920-02
2019 DAVID Data Exchange MOU Annual Certification*

August 2019
Project No: SA-1718
Single Audit Compliance Reviews

Project No: FP-151602-26
IT Security Audit Final Follow-up*

June 2020
Project No: AG Report No. 2020-062
Auditor General 2019 Operational Audit - Administration of Aircraft, Selected Information Technology Controls, and Prior Audit Follow-up (Six-Month Follow-up)

Project No: FP-IA151602-18
IT Security Audit Follow-up (Eighteen-Months)*

*Confidential audit reports are not published due to the sensitive nature of the information.

**The audit report is published on the Florida Inspectors General website. http://www.floridaoig.com

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