Commission Acknowledgment of Agency Discipline 

When an employing agency has disciplined an officer consistent with the Commission’s penalty guidelines, and certain preconditions have been met, the Commission will recognize the agency discipline and not impose any additional discipline on the officer.

If an officer has been retained by the employing agency after a sustained violation, and the officer has been disciplined by the agency consistent with Commission penalty guidelines, the Commission will defer to the employing agency’s disciplinary action.

The following preconditions must be met prior to the Commission deferring to an agency’s discipline:
  • Not have been issued a Letter of Acknowledgment within three (3) years prior.
  • Not have been issued a Letter of Guidance within five (5) years prior.
  • Not have been disciplined by the Commission within eight (8) years prior.
If the circumstances of the officer’s violation and subsequent agency disciplinary action fall within the above guidelines, then the Commission will issue the officer a Letter of Acknowledgment and no further action will be taken by the Commission.

A Letter of Acknowledgment establishes an understanding by the Commission that the officer’s acts constituted a violation of good moral character and that the agency’s discipline was consistent with the Commission guidelines.

If the preceding requirements are met without any aggravating circumstances, and the Commission’s penalty guideline for the respective violation specifies probation or suspension of certification as the maximum penalty for the violation committed by the officer, the Commission will issue a Letter of Acknowledgment with no further disciplinary action.

For additional information refer to Rule 11B-27.004(7)(8), F.A.C.