Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Who is eligible to take the State Officer Certification Examination (SOCE)?

Answer: Persons who have:

  • Completed a Commission approved law enforcement, corrections, or correctional probation basic recruit training program within the last four years.
  • Qualified for re-instatement of Florida certification who have completed the required proficiency demonstration.
  • Been approved for an exemption from the Commission approved basic recruit training course as an out-of-state, federal, or military officer.

Question: Is there a time limit on passing the examination?

Answer: Basic recruit candidates have four years from the start date of their basic recruit class to pass the exam.

Florida reinstatement, out-of-state, federal or military officer candidates must pass the exam within one year of their Equivalency of Training notification date.


Question: My certification has expired. Do I have to take the examination to reactivate it?

Answer: If your certificate expired due to a four-year break in service, you must complete the Equivalency of Training process, demonstrate proficiency in the high liability areas and pass the examination.


Question: I am a certified officer from another state, federal officer or military police; how can I become a certified officer in the state of Florida? (I am a former Florida officer but my training has expired how can I renew my certification?)

Answer: Out of state, federal, or military officers may seek an exemption from the basic training requirement by completing the Equivalency of Training process. If granted an Equivalency of Training, the individual must demonstrate proficiency in the high liability areas and pass the State Officer Certification Examination.

For more information on the Equivalency of Training process, please contact the Records section at (850) 410-8600.

Question: Can I register if I have failed the examination three times?

Answer: Applicants failing a third examination will not be allowed to take additional examinations until they have completed the full, Commission-approved basic recruit training program at a certified training school.




Question: How do I register for the State Officer Certification Examination?

Answer: Register online at: using a valid credit or debit card to pay the $100 examination fee.



Question: How can I review an exam that I have failed?

Answer: See this page for details on the Review / Challenge process .


Question: What is a field test question?

Answer: Field test questions are new items placed on the examination to obtain performance statistics. All examination items are field tested until sufficient statistics are obtained. Once the item performs appropriately, it may be used on future exams. Field test questions are not used in calculating the exam score.




Question: How does the TEA work?

Answer: Temporary Employment Authorization (TEA) is offered by a hiring agency. The TEA gives you 180 days after your start date to be enrolled in a basic recruit training program. The training must then be completed within 18 months. A person who is employed while completing the basic recruit training program has 180 days from the date of graduation to pass the basic recruit certification examination.

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