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VECHS Process and Forms

VECHS Application Process

To apply for the VECHS Program to become a qualified entity and obtain criminal history record information, an organization will need to do the following:

  1. Email the VECHS Application to FDLEVECHS@fdle.state.fl.us
  2. FDLE will review your application for eligibility. The review time for this process is ten business days.
  3. If approved, you will receive an information packet containing required documents to be completed in order to participate in the program.


If an organization becomes qualified, it must provide the required information for criminal history record requests and will need to submit $37.25 for each employee electronic submission, or $29.25 for each volunteer electronic submission. Once the fingerprints and payment for the request is received FDLE, with the assistance of the FBI, will provide the organization with the following:

  1. An indication that the person has no criminal history, i.e., no serious arrests in state or national databases, if there are none.
  2. The criminal history record (RAP sheet) that shows arrests/and or convictions for Florida and other states, if any.
  3. Notification of any warrants or domestic violence injunctions that the person may have.

Entity Application

The Entity Application is for entities and private schools wishing to participate in the VECHS Program. Upon submission of this form, FDLE will review your application and determine eligibility to participate in the program. To shorten application processing time, please utilize the fillable form with typed text and/or electronic signature.  


VECHS User Agreement

The VECHS User Agreement is a contract between a qualified entity (user) and FDLE regarding the obligations of both parties. This will be required for all qualified entities participating in the VECHS Program. This form will be provided by FDLE staff as required.

VECHS Handbook Acknowledgement Form

The VECHS Handbook will be provided if approved for the program and will include valuable information for participating in VECHS.  The Acknowledgement Form is to be completed and returned to FDLE after reviewing this packet.  This form will be provided by FDLE staff as required.

VECHS Waiver Agreement and Statement Form

The VECHS Waiver Agreement and Statement Form is for the qualified entity to disseminate to all applicants that are fingerprinted for the state and national criminal history record check. Must be completed prior to submission of fingerprints and retained by the qualified entity.


CJIS Biographic Verification Request Form

If an applicant’s fingerprints are rejected based on image quality for two separate sets of fingerprints, the entity may submit a CJIS Biographic Verification if the rejection message indicates a candidate(s) was found. Be sure to read the instructions thoroughly before completing the CJIS Biographical Verification Request Form. Once the form has been filled out, email the completed form to CJISBioVerify@fbi.gov. Results will be emailed to the requesting agency.


VECHS Dissemination Log

The VECHS Dissemination Log is for documenting the dissemination of results to another party, approved by FDLE, including providing results to the individual the criminal history record check was performed on.


VECHS Account Update Form

VECHS Account Update Form is used for any contact information updates the qualified entity needs to make after acceptance into the program.


VECHS Closure Form

The VECHS Closure Form is for any current qualified entity to close its VECHS account. Closure may be required if the entity no longer qualifies for the program or no longer wishes to participate. This form will be provided by FDLE staff as required.

VECHS Non-Criminal Justice Agency Contact Form

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