Florida Law Enforcement Analyst Program History

In 2003, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) developed the Florida Law Enforcement Analyst Academy (FLEAA). This academy is the first of its kind in the nation. Analysts learn criminal and intelligence analysis skills that are used by law enforcement and other emergency responders to successfully prevent crime and conduct complex investigations. 

In 2004, FDLE developed a 40-hour Florida Basic Analyst Training (FBAT) course. This course was designed to train newly and recently hired analysts in the field of law enforcement analysis. The course offered instruction blocks that laid the groundwork for their career in criminal or intelligence analysis.

In 2005, FDLE developed a new course, Computer Applications and Analytical Techniques (CAAT), which was a 40-hour course designed to train analysts in using computer applications to conduct investigative analysis. The Basic and Computer courses served as foundational "stepping stones" and were required to be completed prior to attendance in the Academy.

In January 2009, the FBAT and CAAT classes were re-designed into the Florida Law Enforcement Analyst Training I and Florida Law Enforcement Analyst Training II (FLEAT). These courses addressed skills that are necessary for a law enforcement analyst and are requirements for attending the Academy. 

The first Certified Law Enforcement Analyst Training (CLEAT) seminar was held September 14 – 16, 2011 in Orlando. One hundred-eleven certified analysts from 63 local and state law enforcement agencies (including 26 FDLE members) participated in the 3-day seminar. Training was offered on a variety of advanced analytical topics including Geographic Profiling, Intelligence-led Policing, Threshold Analysis, Open Source Intelligence, Social Networking, Facial Recognition, Fraudulent Document Identification, Sovereign Citizens, and advanced computer skills.

In May 2017, the decision was made to postpone future deliveries of FLEAA and the FLEAT courses until a review could be completed on all curriculum and processes. The current analyst academy board members and subject matter experts were pulled together to discuss and determine what changes should be made to both programs for improvement. This new committee was given the direction to vet a critical thinking course for inclusion in the academy. Additionally, the committee was tasked with continuing the critical thinking concept throughout the academy. As a result, the academy was restructured into a 5-week course, and FLEAT training was consolidated into one 5-day course. 

The revised academy curriculum premiered with class 28 starting in January 2018 in Tallahassee, FL.

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